Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I didnt get much reaction to my first 7 years war figures sales wise and though I wasnt expecting to set the world on fire I expected a few more sales.I didnt get them probably due to not having full regiments for a wargame unit  and maybe too expensive .They cost me a lot to get cast .I have decided to change tack .I will make my first great love of military uniforms The kaiserzeit.The German Imperial Army before they started shooting at us .All in full parade uniform .I'll start with cavalry as I have a horse already  .Hussars or Dragoons probably .They will of course match Stadden size .In fact I have a set of his Kaiser General Staff and the are wonderful.
This takes me back to the seventies  when I made quite a few imperials when I was just starting out .In fact my first ever sculpt was Dragoon wachtmeister in 54 mm .I sold it and started a lonely path sculpting away .