Friday, 7 December 2012

Welcome to Alte Zeit blog about my embryonic range of 30mm figures .I have always liked Stadden and to a lesser extent Willie figures .In fact at one point in my life I painted figures for Ted Suren .I also made 30mm dioramas for Jock Coutts at Under Two flags ,a shop in London using Staddens and also flats .I love the action and animation of flats .I was  later was given a slab of AB putty by an American friend and started sculpting .at that time I was working at Seagull Models ran by Alex Campbell which was certainly an experience for both his customers and staff .Stadden was always my favorite sculptor .He always got a fine anatomy and balance without that squat dumpy look that so many sculptors end up doing.I even have one of his original water colours that I treasure .A lot of his work was ruined by Tradition and a lot of so called Stadden figures were sculpted by others not so good .
   After having a proper job in the record industry   I moved to Norfolk .I was selling my sculpts and working at various jobs and I was asked by Tradition Scandanavia to make some more 30 mm masters to go with the Stadden 30's that they had taken over .So I did a few Seven years war hussars and infantry .I stopped doing these but considered it unfinished business.Spencer Smith now sell these figures .I now sculpt mainly model railway figures ,In fact when I open a model railway magazine I see my figures lurking in every corner .I  also got involved in  model cars and motor sport so have a range of 1/43 motor racing type figures ,please see my website TRACKPASS
             A few years ago I started to sculpt a few Prussians for myself and Alte Zeit is the outcome .After a false start I am at last in business which is probably the wrong choice of word for these figures .Alte Zeit Figures are aimed at both the Diorama maker ,figure painter and wargamer .They dont have reins and you may need to add small detail like sword scabbards from a bit of flattened wire or plastic card
Kicking off with Seven Years war Prussians I also have some Landknechts in the pipeline.
thanks for looking


Der Alte Fritz said...

Are there any plans to add a cuirassier officer, trumpeter and standard bearer too?

bluesbreaker said...

Certainly .The officer is in good progress and I should put up a shot very soon when I just tidy it up a bit .The Standard bearer and trumpeter will follow .I also have a couple more horses one which is nearly finished .,I wish I had the finance to just keep making them quickly but I have to be careful as I also have other projects on the go such as Railroad figures .

bluesbreaker said...

By the way Alte Fritz ,Did you get my reply about a hussar trumper?

Phil said...

Nice figures!

Scheck said...

This is really a remarkable production you do - my deep respect and my compliments! Fine artwork.
I am very happy to see more soon!