Friday, 24 October 2014

Finally got round to painting some Alte Zeit figures .they still need reins so a bottle of wine will be in order or an old paint tube .I am working on a master for the officer and will hand cast some when I get it done .I have revised all my sculpting practices as I was not happy with the results so now I am using another material .Still making dozens of model railway figures and animals .my other affliction is painting flats .i used to paint these in the early eighties and sold them at kulmbach but I kept promising myself to restart so had to relearn a lot of techniques.The picture shows 30 mm work in progress on various types .Napoleon and his Staff figures are in oils and the rest in acrylics.Photos soon show ruthless deficiencies .


John Ray said...

Lovely sculpts and painting.

You have quickly regained and mastered painting the Flats, they are exquisite.

Good luck with the projects.

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bluesbreaker said...

The flats are painted without any magnification and I really want to get some finished before the eyeballs shrink .As I am 68 next birthday time is not on my side .
finally painting my figures was really as I now have the paint and brushes out at last .I tend to just see all the bits I would have improved on and move on .Trust me to make curassiers with all that lacy stripes.Just the job in 30 mm ...not .

John Ray said...

Like you I have made 100's of figures, maybe a 1000+. Aging is a real problem. Fortunately I have my collections close to completion.

Good luck with the painting.


bluesbreaker said...

Thanks john .My trouble has always been deviating from various aspects of the hobby .I went from miltary figure sculpting and painting to painting US brass locomotives ,about a thousand ,over the years ,model racing cars ,then a bit of f1 motorsport journalism, and them painting tens of thousands of plastic promo trucks lurid colours (very well paid ). Along the way I have also sculpted hundreds of model railway figures so the military side has been on the back burner since about 1982.On the other hand I did manage to keep bills paid and food on the table .a few days time I'll be posting the results of an even madder idea I had on a whim 30 odd years ago .

Scheck said...

A fantstic presentation! I like the Prussian Cuirassiers so much!